Google Review Response to NON Customer Jeff Morey and Anthony Schmitt

Expectation: To ensure that Your Home is treated better than we treat our own home

These aren’t just words to our company, it’s our credo. You will find no one within FL-EX Homes giving lip service about our work because our work speaks for itself. It is always aesthetically pleasing, safe and on budget.  Our customers will say that while we aren’t always the cheapest, we are always the best at what we do. We are dedicated to ensuring that every customer is not just satisfied with what we’ve done, but they are also happy that they chose to work with FL-EX Homes. 

After contacting our office, your Project Manager is on site no fewer than 4 times ensuring the job is progressing as discussed. We take before and after pictures that line up with the discussed scope of work while paying attention to every detail, big or small. Additionally, every employee, from the Installers, who are pros at their jobs, to the Project Manager are trained in keeping with our “No Hassle Promise”. Our Installers consist of a hand-picked crew, not just some slacker off the street. They have a proven work ethic and know the industry like the back of their hand. They go the extra mile, all the way down to the trim, on a day they were scheduled to be off, to ensure the results are aesthetically pleasing, safe and on budget.

We have the trust and respect of our customers and in return, our customers are better off for having chosen FL-EX Homes. One of our customers writes, “Had the entire house finished with new carpet that has a great design in it and the job was perfect. Absolutely beautiful…” We are Certified Ethical Contractors in EVERY aspect of our jobs. You can always count on us to deliver projects that are aesthetically pleasing, safe and on budget. Our commitment to every customer that chooses FL-EX Homes.

If you will look at the pictures below we’ll walk you through this job… Picture 1, we opened the existing subfloor in order to access the crawl space. Picture 2, we resealed the opening. Picture 3, we gently removed and trimmed back existing subfloor. Picture 4, we cut out existing threshold for easy transition. Picture 5, we trimmed around EXISTING water heater. Picture 6, we trimmed back the threshold. Picture 7, we opened subfloor to access crawl space because egress window was too small. Picture 8, we trimmed back exterior door. Picture 9, furnace piping left bare to avoid plumbing, HVAC, and electrical liability. Picture 10, the finished job/project when we left home. It is quite easy to discern that many of the pictures left in this review were somehow changed or altered from the finished project. This job was left being aesthetically pleasing, safe and on budget.