Commitment to our C.A.R.E program

We practice “The Golden Rule” mindset.

There’s an art in dealing with people.

It starts with the C2.A.R.E program (Considerate Communication Accountability Respect Encouragement)- a small collection of moralistic practices that makes a big difference in the lives of our employees and customers. Here at FL-EX Homes, we take pride in utilizing C2.A.R.E, which has been shown to have a positive impact on everyone that encounters our team!

One of the main principals of this mindset is having a “Go Getter” attitude that illustrates our company’s desire to go that extra mile. Going hand in hand with our workmanship, we also believe in the power of enthusiasm and staying “hung by the tongue”, meaning we stay true to our words. These traits are some of the quickest ways to win confidence. We practice C2.A.R.E to win friends and positively influence people, all while exceeding expectations!

In addition to our program, all members of our team are expected to uphold responsibility and commitment to providing a safe and secure workplace for clients and consumers, subcontractors and other employees by following all applicable work rules, such as safety standards and adhering to proper dress code. 

We maintain high levels of integrity and honesty by complying with all legal principals, whether at the workplace or on a customer’s premise, and avoid engaging in any activities that would conflict with our ability to perform our duties. We take all reasonable precautions to prevent theft, misuse or damage to both company and client assets, and understand that all employees, subcontractors and independent contractors are always under some form of surveillance when working on customer property. 

We are strongly committed to providing appropriate work and personal settings that not only conducts business ethically, morally, professionally and legally, but that also encourages fine craftsmanship, as well as good behavior performance from our team and our customers! 

Craftsmanship and Behavior (in both the homeowners and our crews) are coterminous in the eyes and mindset of our company leadership.